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When you have the team, but you need our 40 years experience to help guide you…

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If your company or facility has an in house maintenance team, we can help you maximize your team's potential and instill a stellar maintenance program. Our team is solely focused on the janitorial industry and we can help guide your in house maintenance program so you can focus on driving your business.

Our experts can work with your team to help develop a  facility maintenance program to better suit your needs in this ever changing world. The days of simple janitorial cleaning are over, and it’s imperative to stay ahead of any changes to keep your facilities safe. Preventive maintenance plans a vital investment and if done right, a savings to the company. The right plan prevents deterioration or damage to the facility or the facilities' equipment, and keeps the inhabitants safe. 

Our team will take the following steps to guide your company to an enhanced maintenance program, helping ensure the facility is operating efficiently and effectively:

  • Take a thorough review of your facility and current program. 

  • Provide recommendations for a facility maintenance program and/or a preventive maintenance plan.

  • Work with your team to establishing a list of tasks and a maintenance schedule, outlining how long it takes to complete the task and who is responsible for ensuring maintenance and task completion.

  • Develop an annual maintenance schedule and determine which maintenance projects are seasonal or cyclical and whether or not a contractor is needed to perform the task.

  • Help develop communication procedures and work order systems. 

  • Give recommendations and guidance for the procedures of training maintenance staff on the preventative maintenance plans and processes. Assist in creating a customized training manual. 

  • Provide recommendations for chemicals, supplies and equipment and allow for advantages bulk buying prices through Coast to Coast Cleaning Systems.  

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Contact us today for more details about the services we offer.

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