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Industrial Building


A clean facility is a safe facility. Coast to Coast will keep your facility clean and healthy and keep productivity moving in your industrial space.

Industrial: Services


Preventive maintenance plans a vital investment and if done right, a savings to the company.

The right plan prevents deterioration or damage to the facility or the facilities'  equipment and keeps the inhabitants safe.

Coast to Coast can provide superior janitorial service to your industrial space, including:

- Warehouses
- Facility Floors
- Loading Docks
- Storage Facilities
- Fulfillment Centers

We partner with our customers to understand their needs, and go beyond typical janitorial care to create a program to exceed expectations. We unite our goals and continuously work to provide a superior clean supported by real time communication, innovative products and procedures, and honest, speedy and thorough communication.

- Deep Scrubbing and Handwashing Walls and Surfaces
- Dry Vacuum and Handwash Shelving
- Machine Deep Scrub Floors
- Machine Deep Scrub Under Pallets
- Restroom Cleaning daily and deep cleaning
- High Dusting
- Breakroom Cleaning
- Office Cleaning
- Day and Night Porters

Whatever the job, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now.

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